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Chapter 5: An Unexpected Guest

~ Someplace Unknown ~


“How are you doing? Did you finally locate the house?”

“Yes, thanks to the address you have given me, I can finally see her again.”

“Well then, have a safe trip.”

“I will and thanks a lot.”




Heat, intense heat, everything was burning into nothingness. Everything dear to me, even my parents didn’t escape this hellish fire. They’ve sacrificed their lives just to save me. They died because of me. It's all because of ME.


I woke up from that nightmare, panting and gasping for air. Bullets of sweat are seen all over my face.

“That dream again.” After a few moments, I finally calm down. “I don’t want to remember it anymore, it only bring sadness to me.” I poured myself a glass of water that is on top of my side table and drink a few. I finally taken notice of my phone that is currently blinking, I open it to see that there is one text message coming from ______.

Levi, you remember what today is right? Hehehe, of course it’s my birthday. You promised that you will spend the day with me. I have prepared a lot of dishes and some of them are your favorite, well according to Hanji-san. I’ll be waiting for you. Bye, and I love you. (*^v^*)

“_____.” I smiled but soon replaced with sadness. “How am I going to tell her?” I get out of the bed and began preparing myself.

Reader’s POV

Today is my birthday and I’m going to celebrate it with Levi so I have to prepare a lot. I’m very happy and excited because for once, I can celebrate it with the person who loves me and cares a lot for me.

“Ok (name of the cat), we have to prepare the house before Levi comes. Everything must be clean because Hanji-san told me that he hates mess so don’t play around. I have to finish the dishes first.”


I put on my apron and started to prepare the ingredients. I cooked everything that I know that would be perfect for today’s occasion. I smiled from the thought of him liking my dishes.


“Oh, (name of the cat), you’ve noticed that I’m smiling. Well, I’m just really excited. All this time, I celebrated my birthday all alone. Even though my father always gives me a lot of gifts, it’s still not enough. That’s why today is different.” I smiled back and (name of the cat) began purring and continuously rubbing her head on my legs. I crouched down and patted her on the head. “Oh that’s right, I’m not alone because you’re also here for me.”

“Meow.” She seems happy now.

After a few hours of preparation, everything is ready. I’ve also prepared myself and wear my prettiest dress. (Name of the cat) of course is also wearing a pink bow around her neck. We’ve waited for Levi to arrive and then finally the doorbell rings.

“He’s here.” I happily make my way to open the door and finally saw that it was him. “Levi! I’m glad you came!” I suddenly hugged him and he hugged me back.

“Of course, today is your birthday. How could I have missed it?” He smiled at me making me blush a faint red. “You look beautiful, you really prepared for this.”

“R-Really, well I’m going to spend my birthday with you so I should really prepare.” I said, quite shy and happy about his compliment. He patted me on the head and faced me directly into my face.

“I thought I told you that you don’t need to work hard for me.”

“Well, what’s done is done. Come now, I’ve prepared a lot of good dishes.” I dragged him into the dining room, holding him in his arm. We finally arrived and he was surprised by the number of choices he could eat and a lot of them is his favourite.

“_____, are you sure that today is your birthday? You made it look like mine.” He said, still staring at the table.

“I’m aware that it’s my birthday, silly. I just wanted you to enjoy my cooking that’s why most of it is your type of food.” I said giving him a warm smile.

“_____.” He looked at me for a moment and then suddenly hugged me tight. I was quite shock. Before he hugged me, there was sadness in his face. I don’t understand why but whatever it is, I want to make it disappear.

“Levi, what’s wrong? Is there something bothering you?” I asked but I didn’t get a response. The only thing he did is tighten his hug. It feels like he’s hugging me because he doesn’t want to lose me, like he doesn’t want to leave me alone. “You know, you can tell me anything. I’m here if something is bothering you, just talk to me.” I began to stroke his back, giving him enough comfort. At last, he finally breaks through and faced me once more wearing the same sadness in his face. We stare at each other and silence has surrounded us. He then pulled something out of his bag. It was a small gift but was specially wrapped.

“_____, I want you to open this. This is my gift for you.” He hand me the small gift and I immediately opened it. Inside was a silver bracelet with Levi’s name engraved on it. It was simple yet so beautiful. A thousand gems have no match for this.

“Levi, this is so beautiful. This is the best gift I could ever have.” Tears are suddenly formed around the corners of my eyes.

“I am wearing the exact same bracelet but your name is engraved on it.” He said while showing me the same bracelet on his wrist. “These are called couple bracelets and they are very special.”


“That’s right; they say that if you always wear this with the one you love, the two of you will always remember each other even if the two of you are far apart. They bind you together like the red string of destiny and can connect our hearts together.” He looked at me. I can feel that there is so much sadness in those eyes. He holds my hands very tight before looking at me once more. “_____, I want you to always wear this bracelet no matter where you are. I want you to always remember me no matter how far I am. Always remember that I love you more than anything else in this world.” His grip tightens and tears are starting to build up around his eyes. I don’t know why but I suddenly felt so much pain. Why is he saying all of this? It feels like he’s going away. Why do I feel like I will never see him again?

“Levi, why are you saying all of this? What’s wrong, tell me. Why do I feel like you’re going to leave me and not going back? Please tell me, talk to me.” I can feel tears falling down my face. I can’t help but cry and feel a lot of pain.

“____, I..I..I can’t.” He avoided looking at my face. There is really something bothering him but I don’t know the reason why he’s not telling me. Am I not trustworthy? We just sat on our place in silence for a long time until another doorbell rings.

“I’m..I’m just going to get the door.” I silently walked out of the dining area leaving him behind. I still can’t stop the sadness and pain that I’m feeling inside. Why won’t he tell me? I opened the door revealing a very familiar face. I certain tall brunette, the same age as mine and I will never forget that emerald eyes of his and that warm smile he’s always wearing. It can’t be HIM.

“_____! It’s you! We’re finally together again! I’ve missed you so much!” He immediately hugged me oh so tight. I just stand there in shock. The very man that I’ve known for so long since I was a child is right here in front of me. The same man that I’ve abandoned is hugging me right now.


You are feeling down because Levi won't tell you the thing that is bothering him and you were surprised by an unexpected guest.
Eren is here, what will happen between you and Levi?

Chapter 4.5:
Chapter 6:

I don't own Shingeki no Kyojin
Levi belongs to Hajime Isayama
You belong to Levi Heart 
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